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about All words, music and production by FLIES ON YOU
FLIES ON YOU are Andrew Watkins & Doug Aikman
Guest vocalist on “Action Stations!” - Maisy Watkins
Cover layout design - Andrew Watkins

Many thanks to Grebo Gray for permission to use his imagesEmail Grebo : Facebook : Videos

Katie Hopkins in a Human Form Can You Smell That Burning Noise Hangdog Press release

“etcetera” released on Friday 6th March 2015, and featuring 15 thrumming tracks.
It kicks off with a storming punk rock number evoking the anguish of prolapsed haemorrhoids. But don’t let that put you off. It’s not all doom and gloom. Some of these tunes are pop-monsters, even if Mr. does sound a bit on the glum side. (At other times, he seems a bit unhinged but best not dwell on that)
There was a time when the likes of "Can You Smell That Burning Noise?", “Action Stations!”, “Katie Hopkins In A Human Form” and “Swine Hero” would have been floor-fillers in the nation's alternative dance-halls. Nobody thought it untoward for dour northerners to ruminate obtusely on personal troubles and public issues, atop strident guitars welded to insistent, solid rhythms. The air hung rife with the heady whiff of insurrection then. And it was fun, believe it or not. Now it's 2015. A lot has changed. Ah, well. Shit happens. The resistance has to start somewhere.
Some of this stuff wouldn’t have been out of place on Top Of The Pops, you know? The purists would no doubt grumble that we’d “gone commercial”. Others would hear “You’re The Anaesthetist, John” and suggest that we’ve “gone a bit Fad Gadget”. And others would decry “Ugly Cousins” as pretentious, on account of it being sung in French and sounding like The Stranglers circa “La Folie”. But do you know what? We’re DIY post-pUnKs and we do what we like.

What they’re already saying about “etcetera”
" early contender for album of the year, which would appeal to fans of thinking-mans punk."

" 1979 they would have been cult heroes and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be in 2015..."
Ged Babey for Louder Than War

"a terrific wide-eyed bonkers bouquet of, umm, well, DIY post-punk"
Dave Cantrell for Stereo Embers

"The album feels like the great Leeds team from the 1970/1 season – the culture and flair of Giles, Gray and Lorimer mixed with the venom of Charlton, Bremner, and Hunter et al."

"perfect little nuggets of compressed musical energy bursting with ideas both lyrical and musical"
Bob Osborne in Aural Delights

"I love this album so much I am hoping to get permission to use it as the soundtrack for my next movie"
Shane Vozar of Mormozine

Trust these people; they know their onions
"etcetera" is released on Friday 6th March 2015; competitively priced at £5 (digital download), £5 plus p&p for CD.


released March 6, 2015

Big Thanks:Paul Townshend, Ubertino Da Casale, Chris Cooper, George Earl, Tony Thornborough, Theo Shend, Niall McGuirk, Mark Whitby,Jeff Grainger, Ian Jay, Stephen Doyle, Bob Osborne, Joe Swinford, Ian Goldsmith, Colin Redpath, Graeme Walker, Mike Watt, Mitrakos Evangelos, Steve Scanner, Chris Nash, Dave Griggs, John Robb, Pete Chapman, Tom Robinson, Mick Mercer, Paul B Edwards, Elle Revel, Luis Drayton, Dave Hammond, Bryan James, Mick Middles, Fiona Ledgard, Alan Raw, Shawna Hansen Ortega, Radhika Takru, Lisa Lunney, Steve Walsh, Pete Dillinger, Pete Pacitti, Richard E Stuart, Knight Berman Jr., Richard Foster, Alastair Fitchett, Sean Richardson, our families. And Grebo again. And Flies On You supporters, everywhere. And you



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Flies on you West Yorkshire, UK

DIY post-punk duo
Leeds, UK

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