Fan​-​Base Repellent EP

by Flies on you

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FLIES ON YOU - "Fan-Base Repellent" EP
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There have been murmurs. You know the sort of thing.
"It's all very well packing your album out with great songs" whined a couple of particularly hard-to-please Flies fans, following the release of "etcetera" in March 2015. "But what happened to the poetry and Da Da headfuck stuff? We wanted more of that weird shit too".
Ok, well, If it's a Yin and Yang thing you're after, we're back with the Yang.

"Fan-Base Repellent" is a free EP comprising exactly the kind of "weird shit" that might have enhanced "etcetera" for some, but would doubtless have bloody ruined it for others.
"Moving Stuff" ruthlessly concludes a dispute which should have been buried long since. Doug is aware that it would be petty to continue the feud any further. Although he's not ruling it out.
"Drought" is self-explanatory really. Just one of those experiences that sticks in your mind. Doug recorded the vocal on his phone while walking up Weetwood Lane, so that's proper traffic and a pedestrian crossing you can hear, not some fancy sound effects.
"Property Vacant" finds Andy carving out a simple yet mesmerising aural sculpture. The lyric hints at FLIES ON YOU's romantic attachment to the notion of a DIY punk ethic, and was inspired by Alice Nutter. Yes, really.
As for "As Much As The Next Man"... OK. So we like Crass. But we also like Bill Nelson. Deal with it.

By the time you've listened intently to all this, then taken in the colossal "Sense Of Perspective Dub" version of "Moving Stuff" and the Meek-on-steroids "They've Got A Bomb" mix of "Drought"... Well, by rights you should be positively frothing with orgasmic delight. Or indignation. Or orgasmic indignation. Or something.

If instead, you are shaking your head and mumbling "It's all a bit avant-garde, if you ask me ", then fret not: normal service will be resumed with the release of a new FLIES ON YOU mini-album, "The Provocative Finger", due in Spring 2016.

As I'm writing this, I can't help thinking how generous we are, just giving "Fan-Base Repellent" away like this. It's madness!


released December 25, 2015

All songs written performed and produced by Flies on you, this typically means words and vocals are by Doug Aikman and music written, performed and produced by Andy Watkins.



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Flies on you West Yorkshire, UK

DIY post-punk duo
Leeds, UK

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